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极速赛车爱好者:查询开奖历史记录+开奖记录计划168 The TARAgram Yatra 2022

The year 2022 marks the 10th edition of the TARAgram Yatra. Since its inception in 2010, the Yatra has become a platform for social innovators, changemakers, and policymakers to come together to experience on-ground action and deliberate to advance a compelling, practical, and solution-oriented vision for the well-being of people and the planet. The Yatra is a unique experience of social impact and learning of both theory and practice.
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A series of evening discussions that build perspectives on pertinent issues of Nation Building. The format is that of a debate that engages with a well-informed audience to identify new directions India must choose, and the policies and measures it must adopt to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable tomorrow. It underlines the focus on “People, Planet, and Prosperity“.

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Development Alternatives has been accelerating the creation of dignified employment opportunities through "Inclusive Entrepreneurship".

JobsWeMake(JWM), is Development Alternatives’ flagship event on #InclusiveEntrepreneurship. It is a platform for learning and exchange of knowledge on creation of dignified livelihoods in the most underserved regions of India.

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Speakers 极速赛车1分钟开奖结果历史-官网历史记录查询平台168

Meet the Yatris

K. Rathna

Centre for Indian Bamboo Resource and technology

Rajesh Nagar

Centre for Indian Bamboo resource and technology

Rakesh Kumar

Centre for Indian Bamboo Resource and Technology